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audio, visual
& Lighting

Main Event brings unparalleled innovation to every production or event with our state of the art equipment.

The AVL department is where the artistry of Audio, Visual, and Light converges, crafting the enchantment that transforms our clients' visions into reality. Our mission is to seamlessly merge these elements into a harmonious symphony, encapsulating every detail within a single, awe-inspiring package, thus orchestrating an unparalleled and phenomenal sensory experience. 

Within our AVL department, we partner with a diverse array of cutting-edge equipment to breathe life into this extraordinary experience.

 In the realm of Audio Reinforcement, Main Event stands head and shoulders above all others. Our 100% digitally processed audio control systems based on state-of-the-art premium mixing consoles and integrated networking is leading in this industry. This is powered by multiple speaker systems,  from the RCF HDL20a , JBL Vertec 4889-1 and  Vertec 4886 enclosures to our premium world class leading Martin Audio MLA / MLX system and Wavefront Precision WPL enclosures.

Our Work

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